Design Rules


Ignite Digital follows a set of design rules to guide the creation of your website. These rules are based on established effective user online habits and proven marketing practices.


3-Second Rule

How long does it take to find your contact information?

A visitor to your website should be able to quickly identify your business and have ways to quickly contact you. Logos and relevant imagery should be consistent with all other business marketing. A phone number, email, and/or contact form must be easily found.

If you make it hard for visitors, they are more likely to move on and look for another business that will likely be one of your competitors. People want easy, plus it goes a long way as establishing your personality and professionalism for your very first interaction with your customers.

3-Click Rule

Why are you so shallow!

Most people have short term click syndrome. Meaning they don’t have the patience to click around all over a business’s website to find what they are looking for.

Shallow depth means it only take about three clicks to navigate to any page on your website. That makes it easy for your customers. The other big reason is for SEO purposes. Search engine technology loves shallow depth websites.

Mirror Rule

Does the website accurately reflect your business?

Brand identity is extremely important. More important than you may realize. Every single touch point you have with a potential customer is another opportunity to reinforce your brand image and reputation.

Logos, colors, images, tone, and overall personality must stay consistent. Don’t waste your opportunity to add more dimension to your brand.

Responsive Rule

Does your website look great on all types of devices and screens?

Your website should “respond” or change layout no matter what type of device or size of the screen. The rise of countless mobile devices has created an endless number of screen sizes: desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

If there weren’t enough aesthetic reasons to have a responsive website, it actually factors into your Google search rankings. It’s a no-brainer.

Maintenance Rule

Who maintains the health of your website?

If the answer is you, then that’s the wrong answer. Successful business owners know their limitations. Working with a skilled professional keeps your website current and secure.

Every website must be regularly maintained and refreshed so it is well optimized for search engines and secure from hackers.

Plan B Rule

What happens when your website crashes?

Very few businesses are able to go days or weeks without a functioning website. Without a backup plan, your business will suffer from the loss of new business and poor SEO.

When things break or don’t work correctly you must always have a plan B (back-up) so there is little to no downtime. A properly monitored website by a professional will mitigate any potential damage to your business.

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