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Ignite Digital is your partner in modern effective website design and digital marketing solutions. With careful consideration of your brand identity and personality, we develop a digital fingerprint that compliments your business, drives customer engagement and improves your visibility online.


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3-Second Rule

How long does it take to find your contact information?

3-Click Rule

Why are you so shallow?

Mirror Rule

Does the website accurately reflect your business?

Responsive Rule

Does your website look great on all types of devices and screens?

Maintenance Rule

Who maintains the health of your website?

Plan B Rule

What happens when your website crashes?

About Me

Larry McLoda

Media marketing, advertising, and design have fueled my career path over the last 20 years. With a degree in Advertising from the University of Texas, the first 12 years of my career were spent at the two biggest ad agencies in Dallas. My career transitioned into ad sales with a national newspaper then to become a manager for a large city newspaper. After a very successful launch, I started my own private neighborhood magazine. As owner/publisher I experienced a new level of business marketing insight and found myself drawn to the power of a well-designed digital presence.

With Ignite Digital, I’m now providing business owners with years of marketing and design experience that improves their overall digital fingerprint. Just as every fingerprint is its own unique ID, every business has its own very unique ID. By consulting with businesses in a partnership relationship we are able to clearly define the digital ID and translate that to effective web design and digital marketing.

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